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Why Should Chiropractic Be Your Go-To Low Back Pain Treatment?

Written By Longview Chiropractic Center on December 11, 2018

During our adult lives, 80% of us will suffer from pain in our lower back at some point. 

From those day-to-day chores we can’t put off to a sudden injury, many factors increase our risk of developing painful backs. And the symptoms may be mild and come and go or they could completely debilitate us. 

If you’re frequently or constantly in pain with your back, it’s time to seek chiropractic care. 

With 1 in 3 patients visiting their local chiropractor for help with this type of pain, it’s clear it’s an effective low back pain treatment. 

Let’s find out why. 

Why Might You Need Low Back Pain Treatment? 

Has your back pain been coupled with something new in your lifestyle? For example, are you exercising less, are you pregnant, or have you gained weight? 

A variety of factors can cause back pain – as can the aging process. 

Nevertheless, one of the most common causes of lower back pain is lifting something heavy. 

When you don’t lift something properly, this can cause pain and injury to your back. It’s likely you may have injured one of your discs or torn your muscles. 

A visit to your local chiropractor in Longview will help pinpoint what’s causing your pain before targeting it at the source. 

What Can You Expect from Chiropractic? 

Your first visit to the chiropractic clinic will involve an in-depth examination of the painful area and the rest of your spine. This enables the chiropractor to establish the problem before putting together a tailored treatment plan for you. 

Your care program will take your unique needs into account while also ensuring your mobility is improved and your symptoms are lessened. 

To do this, manual adjustments may be required. Here, your chiropractor uses gentle force (applied by their hands) to realign your spine. This improves its mobility and is further enhanced by massage techniques that aid movement and reduce tension in the surrounding areas. 

Feel the Benefits Straight Away!

Many patients walk out of their chiropractors with an immense sense of relief – they can feel it working almost immediately! 

Furthermore, chiropractors also offer specialist lifestyle advice and exercises that help aid the recovery process. And when teamed alongside further chiropractic sessions, this goes a long way to ensuring injuries are kept at bay in the future, too. 

Enjoy a pain-free life by booking your appointment with our chiropractor, Dr. Gary Lipkin, D.C., today. With over 30 years of experience, you can be confident that your health is in the right hands. Simply call us at 903-234-2225 today.

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