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Chiropractic Care: The Best Way to Treat Whiplash Symptoms

Written By Longview Chiropractic Center on April 17, 2022

man with whiplash

Whiplash is a common condition after an auto accident, where the neck is rapidly forced back and forth. Whiplash can cause intense pain and inflammation, potentially requiring medical treatment. If you are suffering from whiplash, our chiropractors are trained to relieve your symptoms and help your body heal. Longview Chiropractic Center in Longview, TX, is ready to treat your whiplash and get you out of pain.

How Do Chiropractors Treat Whiplash?

Longview Chiropractic Center is equipped with the technology and expertise to not only treat your symptoms, but also work to reverse your whiplash. We utilize a series of gentle adjustments and massage therapies to target your tissue, which reduces inflammation. This allows your neck to heal while providing long-lasting pain relief.

Whiplash can leave you with a stiff neck, headaches, dizziness, and more. A lot of this pain comes from spinal misalignments, which occur when the neck is jolted during an auto accident. Our adjustments realign your spine to improve the communication between your body and brain, relieving pressure from nerves. This not only promotes healing, but allows you to go about your day as you normally would, pain-free.

Longview Chiropractic Center also offers patients quality acupuncture and massage therapy for their whiplash symptoms. This provides pain relief that can improve your sleep and function throughout the day, which also promotes healing. We work to restore oxygen to muscle tissues in your neck so your body can activate its natural healing abilities.

Whiplash Treatment in Longview, TX

Since 2001, Dr. Lipkin has helped patients in Longview and surrounding communities treat their whiplash pain. He works to not only improve your symptoms, but to allow your body to heal itself using its natural abilities. Through the use of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy and acupuncture, he is dedicated to improving your condition for the long-term. 

Schedule an appointment at Longview Chiropractic Center at (903) 234-2225.

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