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Category: Whiplash Treatment

Treat Auto Accident Injuries Immediately with Chiropractic

Written By Longview Chiropractic Center on November 13, 2021

Some injuries caused by auto accidents are glaring and obvious – like a broken bone. However, less apparent conditions after an auto accident, like mild back or neck pain, can have lasting effects. If you experience neck or back pain... Read More

Play It Safe and See a Chiropractor if You’ve Been in an Auto Accident

Written By Longview Chiropractic Center on June 21, 2021

It’s estimated that motor vehicle accident injuries account for 45 percent of all neck and neck and back pain as well as 24 percent of all cases of lower back pain. According to the American Chiropractic Association, around 31 million... Read More

Common Signs You May Have Whiplash and Why it’s Important to See a Chiropractor

Written By Longview Chiropractic Center on March 23, 2020

Have you been in a recent car accident and are now experiencing some neck stiffness and back pain? You most likely have whiplash. Whiplash is caused by the sudden and forceful forward and backward head-jerking action, mostly caused by car accidents,... Read More

Risks of Not Receiving Whiplash Treatment

Written By Longview Chiropractic Center on December 21, 2018

While many people think of whiplash as something that occurs in conjunction with a car injury, whiplash can affect anyone who receives an impact injury that causes a rapid back-and-forth movement of the head or neck. Even a sports injury, like... Read More

Chiropractic Care - The Effective Whiplash Treatment

Written By Longview Chiropractic Center on July 25, 2018

Almost 5 million people were injured in car accidents in 2017, so you’ve got a pretty good chance of sustaining an accident-induced injury at some point in your life.  In fact, if you’re like the average person, you’ll probably crash your... Read More

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