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Category: Headache Treatment

Yes, You Can See a Chiropractor for Headaches

Written By Longview Chiropractic Center on May 21, 2021

Dr. Gary Lipkin of Longview Chiropractic Center has helped countless patients in and around the Longview area achieve true relief from headaches. This is possible because most headaches are triggered by either a spinal, muscular or lifestyle habit, all of... Read More

What Should You Do About a Whiplash Headache?

Written By Longview Chiropractic Center on April 23, 2020

Without proper treatment, whiplash headache can last for more than three months.  But you don’t have to go through this excruciating pain every day of your life. With good whiplash treatment, the pain will be gone in no time. Chiropractic care... Read More

Looking for a Natural Headache Treatment? Try Longview Chiropractic

Written By Longview Chiropractic Center on July 15, 2019

“Don’t worry. It’s just a headache.” You’ve probably said this from time to time because headaches are so common, but that doesn’t mean they can’t adversely impact your life. If a headache is severe enough, it can knock you down for... Read More

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